At the age of 17, Nikkita Alexander, singer/songwriter and model, is well on her way along her own path in life. Kita, as she is musically known, plays gigs up and down the East Coast of Australia, jamming with members from her old band 'Scattered Lights' and preparing for her up and coming Lion Hat EP (available 23rd March). I had the pleasure in finding out a little more about Kita....her collaboration with Jordan Millar.... her other creative talents and her journey so far...
First of all your album cover for your EP is beautiful, how long have you been working on it and what has been the most exciting part?
'Ahhh thanks a billion. Well technically I've been working on it since half way through last year, constantly writing and being inspired. The most exciting thing would have to be working with so many creative souls that are so enthusiastic to help others out.'

So you're collaborating with Jordan Millar, how did this come about?
'I did, I did. I supported him a couple of times when he came to play in my home town (Port Macquarie) last year and he liked my stuff and I liked his. When it came to having to decide who I'd record with he seemed like a fun option, since he has recorded and produced the majority of his own EP's.' Check out Jordan Millar here.
When did you start writing your own songs and what/who do you take inspiration from for the content of your songs and the sound?
'I began writing about a year ago, although I've been playing music since I was 9. I honestly take inspiration from everything, from: nature and the environment, to world issues to the human unconsciousness. Sound-wise, I listen to as many genres as I can, I think old music is rad. Especially Fleetwood Mac.'

What is next for Kita??
'Next... I suppose after LION HAT is released, I'm going to spend heaps of time and energy trying to promote it. Then as soon as the time is right, record, record and record again!'

Apart from creating music, what other interests do you have? And when did you start playing the guitar?
'I started playing guitar when I was 8, bit didn't take it seriously until a few years back. I've always been into creative arts: painting, designing and acting; anything that stimulate my brain. I do pilates and I waterski (you'll find me at the beach every other minute of the day). And just wandering around nature..'
Your modeling photographs are stunning, how did you get into modeling and what is the best aspect about it?
'Thanks. A friends who's an aspiring photographer asked if I could model for her one time at school, I thought it was a joke. But yeah, everything kind of just led on form there. It it not my ideal/dream job at all, I just do it for a bit of fun on the side and getting to meet so many creative people!'

When you're not focussing on your music, what do you get up to with your friends?
'It's kind of rare that I don't focus on my music. But we go to the beach, road trips or walks. Port is such a cruizy town. I love it.'

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